Sri Lankans Split along Ethnoreligious Lines over Covid-19 Dead Body Management, an Online Public Opinion Survey reveals.

Results of an online Public Opinion Survey conducted among 773 persons on Covid-19 dead body management in Sri Lanka reveal that the community is widely split along ethnoreligious lines in relation to Covid-19 dead body management. As per the findings of this survey, 63% of Muslims strongly disagree on the decision of exclusive cremation of Covid-19 dead bodies, while 79% of Buddhists, 69% of Hindus, and 53% of Christians/Catholics strongly agree on the same. Ironically, 15% of respondents among Muslims too either strongly agreed or agreed with the decision of exclusive cremation of Covid-19 dead bodies. Read the full report of the Online Public Opinion Survey conducted by Resilience Research, Training and Consulting here:

Public Opinion Survey Covid-19 Dead Body Management.31.05.2020