Resilience RTC provides strategic leadership through research and capacity building in the field of humanitarian field.

SPHERE: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response is a core area of capacity building that Resilience RTC has provided leadership. Several courses have been conducted for government and non-governmental organizations on SPHERE by Resilience RTC.

Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies: Sexual and Reproductive Health is a human right which becomes often vulnerable in emergencies, however, despite other rights it is often neglected. As a part of the Humanitarian Leadership program of the Resilience Research, Training and Consulting, we advocate for the protection of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies. We have provided our technical expertise to several national-level assessments in this area and have contributed to awareness, training and advocacy programs through our nationally and internationally trained consultants.

Disability inclusion: Disabled (Differently-abled) persons are often stated as vulnerable groups in disaster management, however, how to engage them through participation a d empowerment is little known. We have contributed to the pilot testing of disability inclusion tools in Sri Lanka with a focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies.

Elderly inclusion: Elderly is another vulnerable group that is likely to be neglected in humanitarian response. We have advocated for the respect and consideration, as well as engagement in humanitarian response.