CORRECT-19 is a project implemented by my organization Resilience Research, Training and Consulting (, supported by the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers and Finn Church Aid (FCA) as a part of the European Union-funded project "AHA! Awareness with Human Action".


Religious leaders play a critical role in building community resilience, which is the ability to prepare for, face, and recover from challenges such as disasters, emergencies, and outbreaks. Conversely, they could contribute to disrupting the community resilience through creating or aggravating social divides, based on ethnoreligious fault lines. Covid-19 is an outbreak that has affected all aspects of society and has demanded a whole of society approach in its response. The public health measures that Covid-19 demanded such as social distancing and quarantine have contributed to the curtailing of the outbreak, however, it has also created a breeding ground for hate speech, stigmatization, and victimization based on new as well as existing divisions within the society. Positive and negative instances of religious leaders’ contribution in relation to community resilience have been observed during Covid-19 in Sri Lanka. It is essential to examine the best practices of religious leaders towards promoting community resilience against Covid-19, as well as to revisit the lessons learned on their negative contributions towards aggravating social division. In addition, Covid-19 provides an example of how unexpected challenges could aggravate existing divisions in the community. Hence, there is a need to explore and document the role that could be played by religious leaders in relation to community resilience in Sri Lanka. Further, there exists a gap to build core competencies of religious leaders in addressing Covid-19 related victimization and stigmatization as well as escalated ethnoreligious divisions that date back to the pre-Covid-19 era. The project titled Community Resilience through Religious Engagement for Community Trust during Covid-19 (CORRECT-19) addresses these critical gaps observed in the Sri Lankan community through religious leader engagement and empowerment.

Did your religious/faith-based group help the community to be resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Tell your story to inspire the world!

COVID1-19 continues to be a pandemic with immense health, social and economic costs, but it could not stop the people and the communities from helping each other. Religious/faith-based groups played a pivotal role in boosting the community resilience in Sri Lanka during this unprecedented challenge. Under the CORRECT-19 project (Community Resilience through Religious Engagement for Community Trust during Covid-19), we want to curate such inspiring stories of religious/faith-based groups assisting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is your story important?

Surrounded by the negativity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts of your religious/faith-based group could serve a best practice for many others during such challenging times at present, as well as in the future, in Sri Lanka and beyond. Your story will help to restore trust in humanity during these challenging times.

What would be a good story to tell?

What would be a good story to tell?

Any story of a religious/faith-based group helping a community to be resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic is a good story! Tell us:

•            What was the exact problem you wanted to solve during the COVID-19 pandemic?

•            How did your religious/faith-based group solve the above problem?

•            How did your religious/faith group capitalize on the strengths and opportunities and handle the weaknesses and threats?

•            What were the lessons learned and best practices learned?

•            How could religious/faith-based groups could help communities be resilient during future pandemics and crises?

How will your story be curated?

Your story is unique and vital to the world. We will make sure that each story told through the CORRECT-19 project will be curated and shared with the world, irrespective of which step the story can reach in the storytelling process.

Step 1: By filling out a simple google form, you can tell us briefly about your story with a maximum of five photographs on how your religious/faith-based group helped the community to be resilient through the COVID-19 pandemic. All submitted stories will be curated on the CORRECT-19 page of the Resilience RTC website with credits to your organization as a CORRECT-19 Story in Brief.

Step 2: We will review the submitted stories and select around 20 of them to be listened to in detail. We will conduct online focus group discussions with five representatives from your religious/faith-based groups to learn more about your project. The contribution of the storytellers of your organization will be compensated with a modest honorarium and a telecommuting allowance. We will select ten stories to go into step 3. The other ten stories will be curated as a CORRECT-19 Story on the Resilience RTC website.

Step 3: The ten stories that reach step 3 will be developed into case studies jointly by the representatives of your religious/faith-based group and Resilience RTC. These ten case studies will be translated, printed, and disseminated in Sinhala, Tamil, and English. Besides, these ten case studies will be published as peer-reviewed, open-access, indexed articles in the International Journal of Community Resilience as a CORRECT-19 Case Study.

Step 4: Out of the ten case studies, four will be selected to be curated as brief video documentaries. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, in-person or online recording of the videos will be done to share your religious/faith-based group’s story in audiovisual format. These five-minute CORRECT-19 Videos will be published along with the case study on the International Journal of Community Resilience and the Resilience Tube, the YouTube channel of Resilience RTC.

Are you ready to tell your religious/faith-based group’s story helping the communities be resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic? The world is in need of encouraging and motivating stories like yours! Fill this brief google form to start the CORRECT-19 storytelling process.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the CORRECT-19 team by email  ( for any clarifications or questions.