Resilience Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Resilience Research, Training and Consulting. We carry out different community development and social service projects at the Resilience Foundation.

Rathnapura District: This project was launched to help to rebuild the schools in Rathnapura District Following the floods in Rathnapura District in 2016. Laboratory equipment for School science laboratories and home science equipment for schools were provided for schools through the donations of well-wishers.

Galle District: Musical equipment were provided for a rural school in Galle District through the Project Vidujaya through the subscription of well-wishers.

Mother and Baby Kits for Flood Survivors: This project was aimed at providing mother and baby kits to families affected by floods in the Kilinochchi district.

Assisting Easter Sunday Survivors: Educational needs of survivor children of Easter Sunday Survivors as well as other family-level needs were catered to through the subscription of volunteers.