We Build Resilience !

We help communities to bounce back and recover from
 disasters, emergencies, and crises using their own resources.


Challenges, shocks, and stressors are a part and parcel of life.


The ability of systems to face, cope with, and recover from such adversities with their own resources is called resilience. Resilience is the core of Resilience Research, Training, and Consulting (RTC). We help communities and organizations to operationalize and optimize their own resilience. 

Our Programs

Interreligious Engagement

Religions, religious leaders, religious organizations and, religious communities play a critical role in defining the resilience of communities. Resilience RTC has prioritized Interreligious Engagement for Community Resilience as its niche area in the community resilience ecosystem.

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Climate Resilience

As much as climate change is a human-made problem, human intervention is needed for the management of the problem as well. Resilience Research, Training, and Consulting are actively engaged in the promotion of climate resilience through the promotion of climate literacy, research, and innovation.

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Community Resilience

Community Resilience is the ability of a community to ‘bounce back’ and recover using its own resources’ and vitaenergy opiniones reviews here also the ability of groups or communities to cope with external shocks and stresses as a result of social, environmental and political change.

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Humanitarian Leadership

Resilience RTC provides strategic leadership through research and capacity building in the field of humanitarian field.

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Resilience Academy

Resilience Academy is the capacity building and training arm of Resilience Research, Training, and Consulting.

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The Resilience Hub

The Resilience Hub, located five minutes from the Piliyandala Town, surrounded by greenery is the ideal one-stop facility for start-ups, non-profits and social entrepreneurs to work, meet and train!

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Resilience Foundation

Resilience Foundation Resilience Foundation Resilience Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Resilience Research, Training and Consulting. We carry out different community development and social service projects at the Resilience Foundation.

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